Data Migration from Mac Mail to Outlook PST Clean, Exhaustive, and Accurate

Convert just about everything from Mac Mail to Outlook PST – including all the minor details, metadata, folder structure, and headers. Here’s how.

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Best Way to Convert Mac Mail to Outlook PST

When it comes to putting data from one location/service to other, the most important thing is to do it cleanly. Changes in either items or some properties associated with the items is called data integrity loss. And it’s quite frustrating, if not totally devastating, especially in business environments

And putting data across different email client is the worst of them all.

Today we are talking about one such task where you have to export your emails from Mac Mail to Outlook PST. (PST Is a file for Outlook and can be used with Mac or Windows edition).

Solution to Convert Mac Mail to Outlook PST

Many solutions to help users to convert Mac Mail to Outlook PST came, but none of them were successful to sweep the data cleanly. There have often been the missing images, attachments, nested emails, non-English, headers, and other components. Such messy output often causes users to go into panic code, mostly for the users who have sensitive information in their email databases.

Today, let’s go ahead and put the outdated, inefficient solutions behind us. And let’s a take new road.

Why converting Mac Mail to Outlook PST is so hard?

Because, sadly, neither Apple nor Microsoft offers any proper official help to migrate data. Quite reasonably because no one offers services to help you stop being their user. So, you are on your own, or at the least, on the mercy of the other third-party solutions.

Third-party solutions can be quite good, but in this case, they are very limited. This is because most third-party developers have a common approach, which is decent, but now what users requires. These conventional tools work by extracting contents from EMLX or MBOX files where Mac Mail store data. This approach looks obvious because if you don’t want to convert data from the files where Mac Mail stores it, then how else.

But in reality, EMLX conversion or MBOX to PST conversion is often long and tiring, because of the nature that it needs manual attention and efforts. You need to dig into your database, look for EMLX files, and convert them one by one. And Mac Mail doesn’t even store data in standard MBOX files. It stores data inside .mbox file package that works like a folder, inside which you can find EMLX files.

The best tool to Convert Mac Mail to Outlook PST

As you can see, all of this manual conversion approach is quite tedious and a bit confusing for non-experts.

So, what can a basic user do to convert Mac Mail to Outlook PST without dealing all these complications?

Simple – try “Mail Extractor Pro,” developed from USL Software.

mac mail to outlook pst

At first, it may sound like just another third-party typical Mac Mail to Outlook PST converter, but is too different and too effective than any other tool.

The trick that USL Software pulled off is that “Mail Extractor Pro” can auto-load your directory called profile or identity database rather than asking you to manually load EMLX files. As you can imagine, it cuts the time and efforts required to more than half. But more importantly, it produces highly accurate PST files, something that other traditional solutions failed to do so.

“Mail Extractor Pro” will get everything from your original Mac Mail database and convert them to Outlook PST files with sharp precision.

If you are looking for mbox to pst converter or Mac Mail to Outlook PST converter, ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ will be the perfect choice.

Other than that, it also offers convenient features that will make the job even easier than before. Features like splitting large PST files, manual but optional folder selection, log report, and so on.

convert mac mail to outlook pst

Download to Convert Mac Mail to Outlook PST

Get it here:

Check it out and see for yourself. Download the trial copy.

convert mac mail to outlook

mac mail to outlook converter

mac mail to outlook pst converter

You will never be worried about converting Mac Mail to Outlook PST files again.

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