Learn to Convert Outlook 2011 Mac to Apple Mail like an Expert!

Learn how to convert Outlook 2011 Mac to Apple Mail. Learn how to avoid any problems usually associated with email migration.

Convert Outlook 2011 Mac to Apple Mail

Switching from Outlook 2011 Mac to Apple Mail? The change in services can be quite daunting process, taking a lot of time to set up account, getting comfortable with the new interface, and all that.

However, the worst part of changing an email account is getting your data moved. For users with data stored on servers, it may be slightly easier. Simply add your email account to Apple Mail and let the internet sync data automatically. But for users who have data archived locally to Outlook 2011 Mac may find it hard to move that into new Apple Mail.

This is because you have probably stored data in an OLM format (that is what Mac Outlook supports). And unfortunately, OLM is not like a generic MBOX or EML file that can be used with other clients. Therefore, you are stuck.

There are few manual solutions floating on web that you can try.

One of the more common ones is to import the OLM file back to Mac Outlook, then drag the folders one by one into the desktop, turning the folders into .mbox packages. You can then import those .mbox files packages into Mac Mail.

(Note, that these .mbox packages are not standard MBOX files.)

However, this approach of manually dragging and dropping each folder takes countless hours and still may not offer accurate migration results. You can miss email attachments, graphical objects, metadata, and more. Also, it doesn’t apply to contacts and calendar entries in Mac Outlook.

So…back to the original question – how to convert Outlook 2011 Mac to Apple Mail?

The only valid solution is to use an OLM file converter from a reputed source. This may be another major obstacle in getting the data transferred, as most tools available online are built by non-professionals and can make matters worse.

But you don’t have to worry about that. We have found a perfect tool for this purpose that you can use right now and easily convert OLM files into Apple Mail compatible files. The tool will help you avoid all major complications invovled with manual migration approaches, like data loss, integrity loss, over consumption of time and efforts, and more.

It’s called “OLM Extractor Pro.” The company behind the tool is ‘USL Software,’ the only company that has an impressive track record of excellent email migration tools. USL Software has constantly offered the world some of the most efficient and friendly software solutions to move email data. It’s a very complex job that USL knows perfectly well how to perform.

And “OLM Extractor Pro” is not an exception.

It’s friendly GUI will let you load multiple OLM files together, let you choose the folders that you want to convert, and has few other options for added flexibility.

But perhaps the biggest advantage of using “OLM Extractor Pro” and why it constantly pops up in many experts’ recommendations is this:

Convert Outlook 2011 Mac to Apple Mail

‘OLM Extractor Pro’ is the only professional OLM to Apple Mail converter that knows how to protect the data integrity. It means, it converts every single item and component from OLM files without going haywire. It will preserve non-English text, email attachments, metadata, graphical objects, nested messages, folder hierarchy, read/unread emails, and so on. It also supports the conversion of contacts and calendar data to standard VCF and ICS files that are usable in almost all programs.

If you want to convert Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail most efficiently, “OLM Extractor Pro” is the way to go.

Get the free demo edition here: http://www.olmextractorpro.com/ to try it out without any risk.

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