Transfer MBOX to PST with the safest converter tool

Transfer MBOX to PST with the safest converter tool 1

Transfer MBOX to PST Safe and Securely with ‘Mail Extractor Pro.

Safety of data during its conversion is of utmost importance. Since conversion of data from one format to another involves many technicalities and complexities therefore, data is in its most vulnerable stat during the entire process.

Even a small slip up can cause the data to be get affected in a bad way. It may lead to data loss or corruption. Therefore, keeping it safe becomes a priority.

Keep your data safe while converting it from one format to another by using the right help for your conversion process. And that help comes in the form of third-party mbox to pst converter.

Third-party Converters: The Modern Way to Transfer MBOX to PST

Third-party converters have been around for some time now. They are your ticket to perfect conversion process. They allow you to transfer MBOX to PST with efficiency, speed and accuracy. But finding the right converter tool is the real hurdle that you need to cross.

Mail Extractor Pro from USL Software leads the way when it comes to third-party converter tools used to Transfer MBOX to PST or any other pair of formats for that matter.

transfer mbox to pst

The tool offers you everything you need. Best of the best features are offered to you packed in a single package.

Mail Extractor Pro – Convert Postbox, Mac Mail, MBOX and Thunderbird to Outlook supported file format (*.pst).

Transfer MBOX to PST with ease

Large files can be an obstacle in the way of a flawless conversion process. These large files are essentially very big in size and contains a ton of data that cannot be overlooked or left unconverted. Therefore, it becomes mandatory to convert these files to ensure that your process to transfer MBOX to PST becomes easier and smoother.

Mail Extractor Pro handles this problem in a very smart manner. The tool break downs these large files into smaller parts. These smaller files are easier to convert and keep your process of transferring MBOX to PST flowing.

When all the files are broken down into smaller files, all smaller files are efficiently converted and the data present in them is easily retained thus making the conversion process smoother and free flowing.

You won’t miss those empty folder post Transferring MBOX to PST

Empty folders are another thorn in the path of any converter tool. These empty folders don’t have any meaningful contribution to the data being transferred. All they do is mess up the folder hierarchy and increase the time of the conversion process.

Mail Extractor Pro very intelligently ignore these empty folders while Transferring you data from MBOX to PST. This not only saves time wasted in the conversion process but also cleans up the folder hierarchy post the conversion process.

Download the free trial of the tool today

Download the free trial of the tool today and experience all this and a lot more without paying anything upfront. So, grab your copy today.

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