About Us

USL Software, a name in high regard among the computers users, and specially among high-end users of email technology, is a company that specializes in offering solutions for email transfer or migration needs.

Email migration hasn’t been a new industry, but it is neither an extensive or broad industry. In recent times, email migration and the tools to work it has been in the rise, due to the constant switching of email clients by users. This has brought the attention in market about several methods and software that assist users in making the transfer of email data. However, it is still a relatively new industry, where it is clearly evident that many people still struggle to find a decent, reliable, and quality software to keep them on top when it comes to complex data transfer jobs.

That’s where USL Software has played it part impressively over the last few years. Their solutions extend from the minor tasks to major tasks related to export of data (emails, contacts, and calendar) from any two email clients.

The well known software solutions that have been perceived as the best are –

  • Mail Extractor Pro (Mbox to Pst OR Mac to Windows Outlook)
  • Olm Extractor Pro (Mac Outlook Olm to other formats)
  • Pst Extractor Pro (Windows Outlook Pst to other Mac formats)
  • Mail Extractor Max (Mbox to all other Mac formats)

The appraisal and the actual value from these tools have taken USL Software from merely a software company to actual contributor in business’ success or individual’s. All of them tends to give users what they want – high performance, quality conversion of data without any integrity issues, easy interface, best customer care 24×7, and so on.

The main objective of USL software, while developing any tool and before launching it for public, is always two folds –

  • Making it easily accessible for beginners, non-Experts, and Laymen users
  • Making it powerful by allowing features that benefit both high-end and basic

These two primary objective of the organization has helped them bring out remarkable software solutions one after the other. That doesn’t only offer sophisticated functions for email migration, but also does it in a way that a normal user can also benefit from them. This trend is the backbone for the company, and that hasn’t wavered over the years. Every piece of software, and every component inside them, has been tailored for the best possible performance that a software in 21st century can bring.

USL Software also backs up all the tools with a remarkable 24×7 customer support. And this is not a regular customer support. It is one of the best when it comes to software support. The team is built up from experts, who are enthused to help users by any means possible. And this support adds much of the overall value that the company delivers.

USL takes the tedious task of email migration and turns it over, simplifies it, and makes it productive, easy, and even fun for all kinds of users. It puts on table one of the most appreciated and recognized software for making this happen.

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