Import EML files to outlook 2019 with the confidence of an expert

import eml files to outlook

Import EML files to outlook 365 one ought not be an expert or do the process manually, having Mail Extractor Pro by USL software resolves the problem. This software lets the users conveniently convert data even if they are not initiated in the process of conversion. A large portion of the smoothness comes from the user-friendly interface. It lets everyone convert data conveniently, one is supposed just to follow the instructions.

eml files to outlook

How to import EML files into outlook free?

For those looking to import EML files to outlook 365 free, the trial version of this software will prove to be more than convenient. As the software converts data in the mac itself, the process is even easier. As for the process, prospective users can have a look at the pointers below.

  • One is required to download and install this software, double-click on this software to begin using it.
  • Once open, it will display a number of option- thunderbird, apple mail, EML, MBOX, Postbox etc. Choose any one and let the software auto-select all the data of that option.
  • If you are selective about the data you would like to convert then you can do that in the next step. Select and deselect files as per your discretion.
  • Finally, you can choose the number of files you want to split large files into and also choose to ignore all the empty folders. Also, select the box on the right if you want to ignore all the empty folders.
  • Give the command for the conversion and you will have your results readily.

Now import EML files to office 365 in the mac itself

This software is one of its kind as it allows the entire conversion to take place in the mac itself, so one can import EML files to outlook 2019 without transferring the data to windows. Therefore, it is much less time-consuming than the other options and safer as well.

For people who remain in a hurry, the bulk conversion would be quite appealing. As this software can convert several files in bulk instead of converting one by one, the amount of time required for the conversion is lessened by multiple times.

Compatible with all languages

There would be no need to carry any extra steps as this software converts data of all languages. So, one can convert data with liberty from worry about damage to data. It can be used to convert data that is in languages such as Korean, Chinese and Japanese without compromise to the quality.

Data is kept in well-arranged form

One does not have to struggle with messy data as the folders are automatically arranged by this software in the proper order. The folders and subfolders are arranged hierarchically by the software so as to ensure that the users face no difficulty in finding those files.

You can read more about these services for free by downloading the trial version of the software, find the link to it below.

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