Mac Mail Archive to Pst Conversion Made Easy for Average Users

Mac Mail Archive to Pst Conversion

Mac Mail Archive to Pst Conversion is simplified with Mail Extractor Pro

Outlook 2016 was recently launched with a new feature, which can export Pst files as well. Pst files are generally associated with Windows Outlook versions, but with 2016, Pst files can also be supported in Mac Outlook 2016.

If you are looking to move to Outlook 2016 from Mac Mail, “Mail Extractor Pro” will make it simple for you. Even if you are no expert, you will find the tool straightforward and efficient.

“Mail Extractor Pro’s” major task is to convert your Mac Mail data into Pst files, either through Mbox files or through directly loading the Mac Mail database. This is one of its unique essence that you won’t find anywhere else. If you don’t have Mbox files, there is no need to worry. Simply let the tool choose “Auto-Load” option, and it will target the emails in your “Mail” folder where Apple Mail is storing all the contents.

Moreover, if you are not moving to Outlook 2016, but to Windows Outlook, you can still use “Mail Extractor Pro”. Because the Pst files it generates are supported everywhere, such as Windows Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, and even Office 365.

Apart from its feature of directly converting the data from “Mail” folder, it also delivers some other exceptional qualities to the conversion process. The 3 most important of the them are listed below –

Full conversion – Rarely does any tool converts everything. You will find the converted Pst immensely incoherent or inaccurate with comparison to the original data in Apple Mail. Attachments, images, nested messages, and other information are generally lost or converted incompletely. “Mail Extractor Pro” brings a relief in this long concern of email migration tasks. It will convert everything, and by everything, I mean “Everything”. From the email attachments to embedded images, to sender and receiver details of emails, to time and date stamps, to any other meta-data associated originally with the Apple Mail data. In short, the Pst files which the tool generates will be a complete and 100% copy of your Mbox files.

Non-English support – The language other than English are encoded differently. Chinese, Korean, and other similar languages are in double-byte characters and are the hardest to convert and preserve. “Mail Extractor Pro” fully supports any kind of language with any kind of characters in it. You won’t find any of your email text broken or lost.

Support for folder structure – The objective of using email clients is to manage emails properly. And creating email folders and arranging all of your emails in a particular ‘hierarchy’ or structure of emails is a very crucial part of the management. However, most tools do not seem to scan this property, and thus, lose the folder structure. This creates a huge problem in Outlook 2016 or Windows Outlook to manage your emails after the conversion. “Mail Extractor Pro” goes deeper than any other tool to scan and read every information accurately, including the information that defines your folder structure. Your complete folder hierarchy will be same.

Mac Mail Archive to Pst Conversion

“Mail Extractor Pro” is truly and positively a very useful tool when it comes to converting Mac Mail archive to Pst. Do not miss it. You can download the free trial version using this link. The free trial version lets you convert 10 items from Mac mail archive to Pst for each folder.

Mac Mail Archive to Pst Conversion with Mail Extractor Pro is safer, easier & preserve your email contents.

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