MBOX to PST Mac free trial converter

MBOX to PST Mac free trial converter that can let you convert files with sharp accuracy, developed by USL Software, called “Mail Extractor Pro.” Get the trial setup to try it out!

MBOX to PST Mac Free Trial Tool Called “Mail Extractor Pro” Offering the Best Possible Way to Convert the Files.

What are MBOX and PST files

MBOX and PST files are respectively associated with Mac based email clients and Windows Outlook. MBOX is a more generic format used by many services and programs, including Google Takeout feature. Outlook PST file is just associated with Outlook (can be imported in Mac Outlook as well) and you cannot use any other file for that email client.

So, when a Windows or Mac Outlook user gets an MBOX file from any source, they have a huge problem ahead of them. They cannot import or open that MBOX file in Outlook client. To access the data in MBOX files, users must first convert it into PST file and then import that file into Outlook, as PST is the only supporting format.

Convert MBOX to PST Mac Free Tool

But this process of converting MBOX to PST in Mac is a hard and long process that doesn’t often get processed by beginners or experts with efficiency. There are potentially dozens of different setbacks and annoyances that can come in their way. The best is the loss of data integrity or partial conversion of data. With generic tools that claim to convert MBOX file to PST, a user would notice certain items missing, also called data integrity errors.

Key Points

The worst or the most vulnerable information within such data files that are the hardest to convert without losing the details are:

  • Folder hierarchy: the order or arrangement of your folders within which all the emails are stored.
  • Images or any graphical objects inserted within the bodies of emails themselves
  • Attachments, especially MIME defined attachments (Non-text files) like media files, application files (.exe), and other complex formats.
  • Non-English text or Unicode defined text. Most difficult ones are like Chinese and Japanese and other variants, because they are encoded with double-byte (DBCS standard) other than single-byte (ASCII). Also includes UTF-8 and UTF-16 and can get highly tricky to convert.
  • Text formatting: email clients including desktop and web-based clients allow users to format thee text of emails any way you want, including using HTML for more complex formatting styles. You can almost stylize your text and images and other items inside the bodies of emails the same way you can design a web-page. All this formatting information can be lost during MBOX to PST Mac free conversion.
  • Headers: Emails have all kinds of important information attached to them, such as metadata stored in the headers. This sort of element includes things like To, from, Cc, Bcc, Subject line, time and date stamps, and more.
  • Read and Unread status of emails. Emails that are unread can, and often do, turn into read emails, which can be quite painful in certain situations.

There is plenty more information inside MBOX files that are hard to convert.

All these problems get heightened when you use a sloppy tool to convert the files from MBOX to PST in Mac. Worse, users gravitate towards free converters that have no leg to stand when it comes to rigorous conversion tasks like this.

MBOX to PST Mac Converter

That’s where “Mail Extractor Pro” comes in from USL Software. USL Software developed this excellent conversion utility for Mac that let you perform the job with ease and speed.

MBOX to PST Mac free

But the best part of this converter is its accuracy, powered by advanced algorithms, capable of taking all the information within the files and converting them to PST without losing any detail or metadata. It supports Unicode text, folder hierarchy, images, attachments, headers, and more.


Download MBOX to PST Mac Free Trial Converter

Click here to download.

mbox to pst in mac

As with all other products from USL Software, this too comes with a free trial version, which you can get following the link below.

Try Now: https://www.mailextractorpro.com/

Get this MBOX to PST Mac free trial converter for hassle free email conversion.

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