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The results of your hard work decide the success you’ll achieve at any task in life. It is usually the case with most tasks involved in anyone’s day to day life. But when it comes to OLM to PST conversion it is the hard work of your conversion solution that will decide how much success you’ll have at the process.

If you have the right conversion solution, that your role ends at the point you picked it up for your conversion process. The rest of the work is done by the choice you made. And if you end up choosing the wrong conversion solution, the things can get really ugly really quickly. But don’t worry. By reading this article you will know which is the right conversion solution for your data and you’ll never end up in a bad position.

The lack of direct way to carry out OLM to PST conversion has led to this

When you look at how often the process of OLM to PST conversion is carried out, it seems really odd that there is no default way present to carry it out. Sadly, it’s the harsh reality. The lack of a direct way to carry out the conversion process has led to all this.

Now it all comes down to you. How you approach the conversion process, decides its fate even before it starts. Third-party converter tools are the most preferred way to go about the conversion business. These software applications fill the technological hole that was left by previous manual methods of conversion. They are capable enough to deal with modern day databases ever growing size and complexity. Again, your role here is to choose the finest third-party converter tool.

Mail Passport Pro: OLM to PST Conversion at its finest

Mail Passport Pro from Gladwev Software is the finest tool you can pick for your OLM to PST conversion process. This tool packs the best features in the business. It has everything that you look for in a converter tool.

olm to pst

This tool can also convert Mac Mail, Entourage, Postbox, Thunderbird, MBOX and EML to PST for Windows Outlook.

As the developer describes it, the tool is developed to produce high fidelity outputs with absolutely no problems. It achieves its aim by managing to give you consistent performances that help you elevate your conversion process to the next level. Some of those features are:

Very Easy to use Interface:

When it comes to third-party olm to pst converter tools ease of usage cannot be stressed enough. With this tool you get an interface that maximizes user comfort. An intuitively designed interface of the tool makes it easier for users of all kinds to carry out their OLM to PST conversion process without any hassle. It even provides them with a graphical wizard to help them at every point of the conversion process.

Retaining the Folder Structure:

Messed up folder structure post OLM to PST conversion can be a lot to deal with. This may seem like a very minor issue but takes up a lot of your time. And if you have to perform any operations on the data files post the conversion process, then you are in big trouble. This tool solves this problem for you by retaining the folder structure from the input files during the conversion process. This gives the output file an exactly similar structure, making it easy for you to deal with the files.

olm to pst conversion tool

There is a lot more to explore. Download the free trial of the tool today at

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