The Only Apple Mail to Outlook 2016 Converter That Will Make You Feel Like a Pro in Otherwise Unpredictable Task!

Apple Mail to Outlook 2016 Converter

The best type of software applications are those that can turn the most demanding and laborious tasks into simple ones. They are the kind of tools that both advanced users and beginners can use without much difference in their experience. At the same time, an advanced user can make the most out of it, while a beginner can rely upon its simplicity without worrying too much about the sophisticated features it holds.

Such software applications are usually used in both professional environment and at home by basic users. Such as- Adobe Photoshop. It can be the most versatile, advanced, and functional photo-editing tool there ever is. It is used by both professionals and home users and suits both of the groups equally well.

You can say the same thing about email clients, mainly Apple Mail and Outlook 2016. Both of these email clients have a plethora of features, ranging from mandatory ones to really unique and smart features. Therefore, they are used in a highly professional environment, as well as by basic users who may not received thousands of emails daily.

However, such standards of software development is not yet seen when it comes to migrating emails. Sadly, neither Apple Mail nor Outlook 2016 has any official support or in-built feature that you can use for migrating the data between them.

So, let’s find out how you can do it through a great email migration tool developed by USL Software that equals the quality of email clients themselves. USL Software has always taken the high road, developing complete utilities with no compromises.

This tool is an Apple Mail to Outlook 2016 converter. It works by targeting the database of Apple Mail directly and converts everything to PST files that you can easily import into Outlook 2016 or any other edition. It’s called “Mail Extractor Pro.”

apple mail to outlook 2016 converter

But is it suitable for both beginners and advanced users? If you are an inexperienced user that has no information about Apple Mail to Outlook 2016 conversion, can you still use it like a pro?

Let’s see:

First, this is a tool that has a graphical oriented interface. Which means, no command-line interface type of thing. Just follow the wizard and you will be done with the conversion in surprisingly less amount of time. It is built in such a way that everything is self-explanatory and requires no learning or any technical knowledge.

Second, it is incredibly powerful to offer what you need in a workplace environment, dealing with a massive database of emails. The tool can perform conversion in bulk without diluting its accuracy and performance aspects. It also lets you control a few things that make the migration project flexible and more productive.

There are features like splitting large PST files, auto-loading of Apple Mail, in-depth log report, and so on.

And lastly, there is also 24×7 customer support always ready to help you in any way that’s needed.

Tutorial: How to convert Mac Mail to Outlook 2016

Try the Apple Mail to Outlook 2016 Converter

Mail Extractor Pro” is the only Mac compatible Apple Mail to Outlook 2016 converter that is both advanced and simple to use and has no trouble whatsover in converting any size of database.

If you are looking for Apple Mail to Outlook 2016 converter, get the free trial version here to check out its features in person.

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