How to Export Thunderbird to PST – A Tool that Delivers Data Clarity Like no Other!

Thunderbird Export to PST

How to Export Thunderbird to PST

It is important to keep all the details and the structure same when migrating your databases from one email client to the other. And that is exactly what is at sake when you try to export Thunderbird to PST through conventional tools and methods.

If you are wondering who to export Thunderbird to PST that retains the clarity of your email structure and other details, you have come to the right place. The tool discussed below will end your long frustration with generic software or manual solutions.

Best Way to Export Thunderbird to PST

It is called “Mail Extractor Pro” and has near perfect inner framework to carry out the data conversion with precision.

How to Export Thunderbird to PST

Take a look at the list of the contents likely to be in your Thunderbird:

  • Unicode text other than English (ASCII) both in email bodies and email headers (like subject line or email addresses).
  • Graphical items like photos, graphs, pie charts, etc. inside the main email bodies.
  • Attached files with emails, both text and non-textual (like media files).
  • Nested emails in a conversational tree-structure.

Moreover, look at the following type of information and formatting likely to be in your Thunderbird database:

  • Text formatting of emails, including rich-text (bold, underline, etc.) and HTML formatting.
  • HTML links.
  • Folder structure or hierarchy.

This is the just the most basic and universal type of data-forms inside any email database in modern times. And the concern is that with an ordinary methods of migration, you could end up losing all of it or the output data is not precisely the same.

But do not worry. Exporting email data could be time consuming and complicated, we have the right tool for you that will change that.

The answer is with “Mail Extractor Pro,” which contains exceptional processing logic and algorithms unprecedented in any other utilities so far. It comes from USL Software, the industry leader at email migration solutions, and is available to try for free today.

You can get the setup file below to get started and watch the excellent software in action with your own database of Thunderbird.

If you are not ready to do that just yet, look at the most notable features it has to offer:

  1. Auto-loading of Thunderbird database called Profile (leaving behind the approach of manually converting the data files like MBOX or other).
  2. A calibrated mechanism for handling your non-English text from emails and headers.
  3. Maps the content from Thunderbird to PST while retaining the framework, primarily your folder hierarchy, which is the most likely part to be otherwise altered by generic methods.
  4. A choice to limit the size of output PST files, so the tool can split the larger ones. This is essential for importing PST to Outlook without any issues. The oversized files create unnecessary hurdles while importing them.
  5. A full technical support available by chat or email day or night.
  6. As a side-note, the utility works equally well for converting data from other sources like Apple Mail, Postbox, MBOX, and EML files.
Export Thunderbird to PST

Free Trial to Export Thunderbird to PST

“Mail Extractor Pro” has a free trial version you can download below. After you feel confident with its interface and the ability to retain information clearly, you can pick any of the license for full activation.

The only difference with a trial and full version is that in a trial mode, it only converts ten items per folder.

Thunderbird Export to PST

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Get it today and hassle free export Thunderbird to PST for Windows and Mac Outlook.

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