Import OST to Apple Mail Archive, Addressbook, Calendar (iCal)

Looking for a way to import OST to Apple mail? - Use OST Extractor Pro for importing OST to Apple mail and it works on both Mac and Windows system.

Import OST to Apple Mail and other formats with a tool that works on both Mac and Windows.

The age that we live in is dynamic and so are the different kinds of technological inventions that we build our professional and personal lives on. Take emails for instance! Over the period of time, these have become an inseparable part of our identities. So much so, that we consider emails as a safe house for our most valued secrets. Thereby, when it comes to bidding adieu to these, we become excessively protective and make vigorous efforts to take everything along. Such are the reasons that have lead to the creation of viable methods for transferring data from one mailing client to the other-a method popularly termed as email conversion.

Import OST to Apple Mail / Mac Mail

Talking about email conversions, one of the most frequently searched for conversions is importing OST to Apple mail. And there are several methods enumerated for the same but most of them are bogus and thus the user has to be extremely careful while choosing one for their requirements. Rather than getting stuck on an incompetent way to import OST to Apple mail, it is better to opt for a very well-defined and established process of the leading tool in this market segment.

OST Extractor Pro has been on the top of the charts and has been utterly favored by the users for its flawless result producing ability. It is a tool that capitalizes on its advanced technology to import OST to Apple mail. And needless to say that the task gets done perfectly! This perfection reflects not just in the results but also in the process that is orchestrated by this amazing tool designed to import OST to Apple mail.

Import OST to Apple Mail

OST Extractor Pro can convert OST to PST, Postbox, MBOX File, EML File, Mozilla Thunderbird to Apple Mail.

Here is all that you need to know about OST Extractor Pro’s easy method to import OST to Apple mail!

The simplest way to put across the idea of using OST Extractor Pro for importing OST to Apple mail is that the user can do so in a completely carefree manner. Not only does this tool take care of the safety of the files but also of the ease and comfort of the user. The tool has such a comprehensive method to import OST to Apple mail that the user just has to sit back and enjoy the conversions. From the very beginning of the process, the tool takes control of all of the steps and lines them up systematically. From extraction of the OST files to the creation of precise output in Apple mail format, this tool has perfected it all.

How to import OST to Apple Mail

  1. Download ‘OST Extractor Pro’
  2. Install it on Mac or Windows.
  3. Click on Add OST.
  4. Browse and select a single or multiple ost files.
  5. Click on “Open’.
  6. Check/Uncheck folders from view what you want to convert.
  7. Check on “Ignore Empty Folders” to exclude from conversion.
  8. Select output format as Apple Mail
    • Other formats
      1. PST File (*.pst)
      2. Apple Mail Archive, Addressbook, Calendar (iCal)
      3. Mozilla Thunderbird, *.vcf, *.ics
      4. Postbox, *.vcf, *.ics
      5. *.mbox, *.vcf, *.ics
      6. *.eml, *.vcf, *.ics
  9. Click on “Convert”

Get it today to open ost file in Outlook, Apple Mail or Thunderbird,

How to import ost to apple mail

An extremely user-friendly interface is the first thing that the user comes across while using this tool. There is also an availability of round-the-clock customer support team in case of any hold-ups. The tool furthers its credibility by offering a couple of self-explanatory steps that lead to the brilliant results. Of course, the whole process gets completed as quickly as one can hope for. OST Extractor Pro is precisely the best way to import OST to Apple mail.

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