Can one import Apple mail to PST in 5 steps?

Apple Mail to PST Import tool

The task of importing Apple mail to PST can be accomplished in about half of the questioned 10 steps. That is to say that with the right tool in hand, the users can shorten their Apple mail Mailbox to PST conversion task by just the right amount. Thus, the most important aspect in ensuring quick and precise completion of the Apple mail to PST import task is to carefully choose the converter tool.

How to choose an appropriate Apple mail to PST Import tool?

In choosing an Apple mail to PST import tool, the users have to be extra cautious as their valued files remain at stake. For this, some minimalistic check points could be:

  • Safety: Certainly, safety of the data files is of utmost importance. One cannot compromise on this aspect lest the entire purpose of taking up the Apple mail to PST conversion task gets defeated.
  • Simplicity: In today’s world, no one has the time to spend enormous hours on understanding a new process. Thus, it is highly recommended to make use of a tool that is quick, simple, and effective to use.
  • Accuracy: The quality of the results in such processes is majorly tested via the comprehensiveness of the final files. These should be complete in nature.
  • Price: The final price of the tool matters a lot too. The final performance should justify the same.

Considering these aspects, one of the best choices in the market is USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro!

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Mail Extractor Pro is an ultra-fast email converter tool that provides the final files to the users in record time. It works equally well for conversions like MBOX, Postbox, Thunderbird, EML, and OS X mail to Outlook (*.pst file). The tool converts about 1 GB data in less than 10 minutes. Quick, right?

import Apple Mail to PST

One of the best selling points of this tool is the preservation of the integrity of the data files while speeding up the process manifold. The steps involved are merely simple choices in the form of clicks. Here is a quick outline of its Apple mail to PST import process:

  1. Upload the data files manually or automatically.
  2. Select/deselect the files and folders as per conversion requirements.
  3. Set an optimum file size for final PST files.
  4. Click on convert and finalize output destination on system.
  5. Get the files almost spontaneously.

Thus, just in 5 steps the users can have the most amazing results in their hands. The final files are utter copies of the data files both internally and externally. That is to say that all the elements like nested messages, graphic images, Unicode content, folder hierarchy structure, etc., get converted with 100% precision.

Apple Mail to PST Import

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