The Advanced Apple Mail Mailbox to PST Converter with Basic Interface from USL Software!

Apple Mail Mailbox to PST

Apple Mail Mailbox to PST Converter

Apple Mail mailbox to PST converters are tools specialized in email migration, or at least, they are supposed to be. However, most of them are simply the file converters. They actually convert MBOX files (the data file format of Apple Mail) to PST files (The data file format for Windows Outlook). They are not fully email migration tool in the strictest sense.

Apple Mail Mailbox to PST Converter By USL

This is going to change by the use of ‘Mail Extractor Pro’. It’s a tool perfected by USL Software, a world leading company in email migration innovation. Through the modern algorithms and framework used for extracting data, the team at USL has achieved a truly marvelous feat while working on ‘Mail Extractor Pro.’

It’s the only tool that:

  • Works on Mac
  • Can convert Apple Mail Mailbox directly without using MBOX files
  • Converts data with a lightning fast rate
  • Has an intuitive and friendly UI
  • Works for 100% of data conversion
Apple Mail Mailbox to PST Converter

Most Apple Mail Mailbox to PST converters do not have any one of those qualities above. They are mostly Windows based, they convert only MBOX to PST and not Mailbox directly to PST, they are painfully slow, their UI are truly horrible, and they often miss data elements from conversion.

Apple Mail Mailbox to PST

This is where ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ comes into picture and solves these complications that were once seemingly unsolvable. You can now easily move your data across these email clients in a simple and yet effective manner. No data corruption, no data leaks, no hard tutorials, and no integrity loss.

Talking about integrity loss, ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ has a special logic in place to take care of this pressing concern with most of the tools used today. First, by taking care of the direct Apple Mail to PST conversion without MBOX, the tool significantly increases the safety of your data. But even if you want to convert data traditionally (there is a custom option for this available too) instead of converting directly, the algorithms used to extract info are so precise and effective, they will not lead to any loss of information bits.

There are certain data elements that are structured differently in both file formats. Elements like the graphical data embedded within email bodies, or the files attached to the emails (especially the custom file formats that are not recognizable), or the metadata – all of these types of information in emailing world is important. But the traditional tools fail to either detect them altogether or fail to convert these bits correctly.

You’d see a lot of integrity loss. All of these elements are lost or converted incorrectly. And this is what ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ effectively solves completely. Now you won’t see any of these integrity losses.

Everything is converted thoroughly. The tool offers the conversion that is near 100% in its safety and integrity.

You can give it a try. Download the free trial version to check out the features and everything. The trial edition allows you to convert ten items per folder.

If you are looking for Apple Mail Mailbox to PST Converter Software, then try Mail Extractor Pro.

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