Excellent PST to MBOX Converter Mac – Ten Reasons Why It is So!

pst to mbox converter mac

PST to MBOX conversion is a task that’s asking for trouble. Not only does it involved two contradictory files (Generic and proprietary) but also the files that are often used in different environments (Windows and Mac).

Add to that the scarcity of any sufficiently well-developed software, the job of converting these files can quickly turn into a bad dream. Not only is it hard for basic home users but also for professionals in a large work-place environment. The custom-built tools that a large enterprise might afford often gets the job done but still not in the most effective manner. And they are expensive enough to be out of reach for home users.

PST to MBOX Converter Mac – Top 10 Reasons Why it is best

To deal with this, USL Software has brought up their own excellent Mac based application called “PST Extractor Pro.”

pst to mbox converter mac

Download the trial version of ‘PST Extractor Pro’ here and use it directly and find out how it works, what are all the features, and how’s the interface. You probably have no doubt about its power and why it is considered the best solution for this job.

If you want to read further, take a look at the top ten reasons of why “PST Extractor Pro” has slayed any other method and has risen to the top.

Here are the top 10 reasons:

  • 1: Easy to use: it has a basic interface with clear instructions that simplify the process for everyone who wants to convert PST to MBOX files.
  • 2: Batch Conversion: It can convert multiple PST files to MBOX and not effect its stability, speed, or accuracy.
  • 3: Tech Support: USL Software backs it up with 24×7 available support for any query, problem, or setback.
  • 4: Quick: The smooth data-processing algorithms give you much quicker conversion than conventional PST to MBOX converters.
  • 5: Mac compatible: It’s one of the few converters to convert an Outlook Windows file (PST) directly in Mac, which may sound counter-productive, but offers quite a lot of benefits over Windows based solutions.
  • 6: Converts folders and their hierarchy, unlike average tools that often mess up the original location and structure of your database
  • 7: Supports Unicode content, including Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. It can convert all double-byte characters, UTF-8, and other complex languages.
  • 8: Available to try for free, which doesn’t disable any feature from trying out. It just converts ten items per folder, which makes no difference if you want to evaluate its performance.
  • 9: Handles large PST files quite well without crashing or affecting the data fidelity
  • 10: Converts PST not just to MBOX files but also to Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Entourage, and Postbox databases.

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Download PST to MBOX Converter Mac

PST Extractor Pro” is the only PST to MBOX converter of its kind that offers all functionalities without compromises. The power and simplicity in a single program is hard, especially in the domain of migrating emails, but USL Software has to managed to pull it off perfectly.

Get it here: https://www.pstextractorpro.com/.

If you are interested, first thing to do is download the setup and use it freely under trial mode.

How to Convert PST to MBOX:

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pst to mbox converter
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If you are looking for PST to MBOX Converter Mac, get ‘PST Extractor Pro‘ today.

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