MBOX to PST converter free download – Couple of Clicks and You Will Be Done!

Most recommended MBOX to PST converter free download – A couple of clicks and you will be able to convert your data successfully. No other tool is simpler or more accurate than this one!

MBOX to PST converter free downloading options are few.

Mbox to Pst converter free download for Mac

The ones that do work are either Windows based or too hard to use or some other drawbacks that make them useless. This is a very complex category of software tools that cannot serve if not built to perfection. The algorithms, the interface, the dedicated scripts, the logs, and everything has to come together in a user-friendly way to perform the process as how user expects them to.

And in the sea of sloppy solutions, there is one that stands out. You can download it using the link below and try it for free. It is called “Mail Extractor Pro” from USL Software.

mbox to pst converter for mac

What makes ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ the best?

The tool runs on a very efficient set of algorithms that can extract all sorts of complex data items from MBOX files to convert them into PST format.

USL Software is known for going all the way to eliminate problems in email migration and offering a bit non-traditional but always effective solutions for extracting data. This MBOX to PST converter is another solution from USL Software that benefits from the same qualities that other tools from USL Software do.

mbox to pst converter free

If your objective is get the data from MBOX files to Windows Outlook by converting them to PST files, then there’s no better tool than “Mail Extractor Pro.”

  • Other databases it can convert!

    Moreover, “Mail Extractor Pro” is also built for converting Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, and Entourage databases directly from their profile folders (as opposed to data files) to PST in a single click. Therefore, it’s a complete software package to transfer data from your Mac email clients to Windows Outlook. In fact, you can import the PST files even to Mac Outlook.

  • Additional options it Offers!

    There are many opportunities for you here for how you want to convert your data. Most MBOX to PST converter free downloads for Mac don’t offer any flexibility or additional options to personalize the output for users. But with “Mail Extractor Pro,” you can control almost areas of your conversion.

    For instance,

    you can check or uncheck the folders you want to convert or not, respectively, as opposed to locked to the full conversion of your database whether you want to or not.

    You can also ignore all empty folders in a single click, giving you much cleaner output without any unwanted data folders.

    You can also split the large PST files by limiting the size of output files.

    Also, the batch conversion support allows you to select one folder that contains all MBOX files, as opposed to convert a single file one at a time.

  • Data Conversion Accuracy at its best!

    Finally, the best feature of “Mail Extractor Pro” is its accuracy.

    Email files are complex containing a lot of intricate items and information. This MBOX to PST converter will get everything converted to PST without missing any element.

    This includes all the headers and metadata information from the files, email attachments (actual files and the cloud-based links), images and other graphical objects, nested emails, non-English characters, and everything else.

mbox to pst converter

Download MBOX to PST Converter Free Trial now!

Get the trial setup here: https://www.mboxtopstconverter.com/download-now/.

mbox to pst converter free download for mac

With “Mail Extractor Pro,” you get an opportunity to convert the data seamlessly, which is saying something for this otherwise tedious and demoing process. It has everything that you ever wanted for your MBOX to PST converter free download tools for Mac.

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