Windows Live mail to Outlook 365 conversion is simpler than you thought!

windows live mail to outlook

Thinking about converting mails from Windows Live mail to Outlook 365? Well, it is now extremely simple; courtesy Mail Passport Lite!

Windows Live Mail to Outlook 365 Conversion

A lot of users suffer upfront when it comes to converting their mails. No matter how common issues like data damage or data loss are; their occurrence causes great disappointment to the users nonetheless. In such a scenario, Mail Passport Lite comes out as a blessing in disguise. It is a simple tool with powerful technology that enables it to easily accomplish the task of Windows Live mail to Outlook 365 conversions with ease. Moreover, this tool charges next to nothing for its services. It is affordable as well as worthwhile!

windows live mail to outlook 365

What is more is that Gladwev Software, the company behind its creation, has rolled out this tool in a free trial version too. That means that the users can download the copy of the tool free of cost, test it to the fullest, and then move on to paying the nominal justified price for this amazing tool. Unbelievable, is it? Well, go on and click on the link below to download your free trial copy right now!

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A tool for Windows Live mail to Outlook 365 conversion

Here you can learn some interesting facts about the all new Mail Passport Lite.

If you wish to delve deeper into the email migration tool designed to impress, then the list of features enlisted hereunder would be the perfect lineup for you. Here are some features that cannot be said no to:


Mail Passport Lite takes care of the conversions as well as of the users who have huge databases with them. The tool provides bulk conversions which makes it easier to transform large databases in shorter period of time.


The tool creates perfect mirror-images of the data files. This includes coverage of the elements from text messages to graphic details. It also maintains the overall framework of the files.


The tool produces files from Windows Live mail to Outlook 365 at lightning fast speed. No hiccups, no interruptions; just production of impeccable PST files.


The tool is extremely easy to use as it has a very intuitive interface. The instructions are crystal clear and do not require the user to have any kind of technical knowledge. Safety is another aspect that is greatly taken care of.

Mail Passport Lite and Pro

These are just the top 4 of several enticing properties that Mail Passport Lite possesses. But there is one more tool with the same properties! Mail Passport Pro– a tool from the same creator but with additional capability to convert files like EML, MBOX, RGE, OLM Postbox, Apple mail, Thunderbird to Outlook as well. You might be baffled at why we are telling this to you! Well, the reason is pretty simple- to give you a fair choice.

windows live mail to outlook 365 conversion

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Choose any one of these tools to get perfect Windows Live mail to Outlook 365 conversion as both Mail Passport Lite and Mail Passport Pro are capable of giving flawless conversion results!

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