Get exceptional OST to PST Migration results with this converter tool!

migrating OST to PST

OST to PST Migration is one of the most carried out data migration processes. But it is not easy when you don’t have the right tools or knowledge or direction. This article will introduce you to the best way of migrating your OST data to PST.

OST and PST? What are they?

You read the heading of OST to PST Migration, the thought that pops up is what are OST and PST? Why do we need to carry out the ost conversion process?

Well, OST and PST are nothing but file formats. They both belong to the same email client, Windows Outlook. OST is used for offline storage of data and PST for Personal Storage of data. Outlook allows you the option to choose the format in which you want to download and store your email data. By default, on addition of an IMAP account, OST is used for downloading and storage of data.

Use OST files allows you to manipulate the data in an offline state. You can make changes to the data and even send emails that will be stored in the Outbox. Once the connection is up, all the data gets synced up with the mail server to ensure all the data matches everywhere.

PST files come into play when there is POP account used. Being a bit older, PST allows you to make changes in the offline mode, but they don’t get sync up with the servers.

Need for OST to PST Migration

If you try to import an OLM file directly into Outlook, then you won’t be able to do so. It is just the nature of OLM files. They aren’t accessible outside their native email clients. Therefore, to access the data inside these files you need to convert them to PST.

PST files are easily imported using Outlook and thus, you can easily access the data. Thus, arises the need of OST to PST Migration.

The best way of migrating OST to PST

OST Extractor Pro from USL Software is a gem of a OST to PST converter tool. It provides you with every feature that you’ll need to carry out your conversion process successfully and accurately.

OST to PST Migration

The list of features of the tool include:

  • Keep your Data Safe: Keeping your data safe is the primary objective of this tool. It retains the integrity of your data during your OST to PST Migration process, ensuring nothing happens to it.
  • Convert it all: The tool converts all the data down to the last bit without any problem. All the small details are converted, and every small detail is retained.
  • Simple to use interface: The interface of the tool plays a very important role in getting your conversion process to the desired conclusion. It provides you a simple to use, effective user interface that helps you with your conversion process.
ost to pst migration tool

Download the free trial to import OST to Outlook (Mac/Win) and experience all this along with a wide range of features.

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