MBOX to Outlook PST Conversion

MBOX to Outlook PST conversion made possible without learning any technical knowledge of email migration. Use this tool by USL Software today!

MBOX to Outlook PST Conversion Made Possible by an Immensely Powerful and Yet Easy to Use Tool!

MBOX is a native file format used by Apple in its Mail client. This is a generic file format that can be used in other apps, including Thunderbird.

However, there is a bad news for Windows Outlook users, or potential users who wish to switch to Outlook from Apple Mail. This is because MBOX is not compatible with Windows Outlook. Only PST is the data file that Outlook can recognize.

But there is nothing worry. With the help of “Mail Extractor Pro,” an excellent tool from USL Software, will make this a smooth task.

It has plenty of new and exciting features for a beginner to make this as smooth as possible. Where other ordinary applications fail to deliver on their promise, “Mail Extractor Pro” goes steps ahead.

This is how it goes for a conventional tool: –

  • You first have to archive everything from Apple Mail to MBOX file, or files. In doing so, you risk missing something during the archiving process.
  • Then, you load each MBOX file to the tool and convert it to PST file.
  • Repeat this for each MBOX file you have.

While it may not sound like a daunting job, it is very unproductive. And more importantly, this is not a safe process. Because MBOX is nothing but an archived file for Apple Mail data, converting it to PST always leads to incomplete data export. Most commonly, elements like graphical data, attachments, metadata, S/MIME encrypted messages, and folder hierarchy are converted with dozens of annoying artifacts/defects.

This is why USL Software defined “Mail Extractor Pro” as a completely new software that takes nothing from any other conventional tools. It features functionalities that takes away most of the challenges of MBOX to Outlook PST conversion in a whirl.

mbox to outlook pst conversion

Without further ado, let’s discuss the main feature of “Mail Extractor Pro.”

As discussed above, converting MBOX to Outlook PST is often inaccurate. So, “Mail Extractor Pro” lets you directly upload your Apple Mail database for conversion. No hassle of archiving or anything like that. Simply click ‘Auto-load’ and get your emails, contacts, and everything else ready for migration into PST Outlook.

This not only saves the time, but also makes it easy and perfectly safe. Nothing gets missed. No component is converted with ambiguities or flaws.

Here’s how the process for “Mail Extractor Pro” goes:

  • Install the tool and launch it.
  • Click on “Load” and choose “Auto-load”
    • Other options include manually loading the database folder from any other location. This is mainly if you have a backup folder stored somewhere else. You can also load MBOX files to follow the more traditional approach (not recommended).
  • Next, you will see all the folders inside the database folder. You can unmark the ones you don’t want to convert.
  • Set the maximum PST file size. The tool will split large ones into smaller files. This makes it easy for you to upload them to Windows Outlook.
  • Click ‘Convert’

Depending on the size of your files, the tool will take few minutes to process the data conversion. Once completed, you are free to move the output PST files into your Windows PC, and import them to Outlook.

Some of the most important features of “Mail Extractor Pro,” (other than it can directly load the database) are: –

  • It can convert non-English text as well
  • It converts your data with 10 times more speed than ordinary tools
  • It features log report with in-depth details
  • It also keeps the folder hierarchy safe

The interface is designed in such a way that even a non-expert can convert data effortlessly. However, there can still be some issues. For that, USL Software has a 24×7 customer support for beginners to resolve any queries or ask for help if they feel stuck at any stage.

Download for MBOX to Outlook PST Conversion

Download Page: http://www.mboxtopstconverter.com/download-now/

If you are looking for mbox to pst converter, then download the setup today. Install it by following the instructions and get started. You don’t need to worry about the activation. It can work for ten items per folder in a trial mode. If you are satisfied with the results, order your license for full version later on.

Try Mail Extractor Pro for MBOX to Outlook PST Conversion.

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