Revealing the Simplest Apple Mail to Thunderbird Migration Method that Also Prioritizes Data Safety!

Migration of Apple Mail to Thunderbird

Want to find out the simplest Apple Mail to Thunderbird migration method that also keeps your data safe?

Apple Mail to Thunderbird Migration Tool

This article will shed some light on the excellent tool called “Mail Extractor Max” from USL Software that works efficiently across the whole spectrum of Apple Mail data migration needs. Thunderbird one of the choices for the format you can save the data in, but the tool also offers options to save it in RGE file that you can use with Entourage and Outlook Mac, Postbox, and even the universally accepted standard MBOX and EML files. But, the article will stick to only Apple Mail to Thunderbird migration.

Mail Extractor Max works on Mac and can export Apple Mail to MBOX, EML, Thunderbird/Postbox Archive, Outlook for Mac as well as Apple Mail to Entourage Archive.

Apple Mail to Thunderbird Migration

We will see what makes “Mail Extractor Max” so efficient in this data migration task, and how to install and use it.

Automatic Database Selection:

If you want the primary database migration from Apple Mail to Thunderbird – the main database of the client that is in use – ‘Mail Extractor Max’ has an auto-load mechanism for that. You simply select ‘auto-load’ and the entire default database will be selected as input. No hassle of exporting the folders to MBOX or even manually copying and loading the files. Just one click and the entire database is automatically picked up as input

Other Databases selection:

But it is not always that people want to migrate their main databases to Thunderbird. Many times, it is some backup or exported mailboxes that they are looking to transfer into other email clients. In those cases, you can skip the ‘Auto-load’ feature and instead select “open,” which will open the finder and you can browse to the exact database you want to convert. For example, if you have backups of your team on a flash drive, you can use the ‘Open’ option to select them for conversion.

Smart interface that retains the functionality:

Many software programs for Apple Mail to Thunderbird migration are either too complicated or make trade-offs with functionality for simplicity. “Mail Extractor Max” comes with a smart UI that retains the functionality but is also one of the simplest app to operate even by a complete beginner. The features and the entire procedure is laid-out within the interface in an efficient way, which allows for beginners to implement the advanced features without getting overwhelmed or confused.

How to Install and Use “Mail Extractor Max”

As said above, the tool is as simple a software app as they come. You can get started the next minute without anyone’s help. But still, for your reference and for clairty purposes, below are two simple tutorials. One is for how to install it and the other is on how to use it.

‘How to Install “Mail Extractor Max?”

  1. First download the file from the link given at the end.
  2. Double-click this *.dmg setup/installer file.
  3. Simply follow the instructions on the screen, click “next” and finally click “finish” to finish the installation.
  4. Because this is a Mac application, you also need to give permissions to access your emails.

How to Use “Mail Extractor Max”

  1. Once the tool is installed, you can open it from the list of your programs or applications in Mac.
  2. Click on “Load” at the top of the screen for ‘Mail Extractor Max.’
  3. Click ‘Auto-load’ to convert the main database. Or, click ‘Open’ to select any other database to convert.
  4. You can refine the folder selection if you want.
  5. Choose ‘Thunderbird’ as your output format.
  6. Click ‘Convert’ and give it some time to convert every data from Apple Mail to Thunderbird.

If you have previously tried other tools or manual techniques for Apple Mail to Thunderbird migration, you would realize the simplicity of this approach we just revealed above. But the most important thing is that ‘Mail Extractor Max’ does not lose the details from your files. It is known for 100% and accurate conversion that retains folder hierarchy, text formatting, links, images, attachments, and Unicode content from your data.

Apple Mail to Thunderbird

Try it. You can use the demo edition to go through the complete conversion from step 1 to the last, as shown above. And check for yourself the tool’s performance and simplicity.

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