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How to convert Apple Mail to PST

Converting Apple Mail to PST has always been a little trickier. The manual solution that many people try doesn’t offer them a good way to migrate data. They usually come back to professional, third-party tools. Manually trying to migrate data can be a real painful experience. Even for those who are experienced with it.

A decent third-party tool can be a little bit better in dealing with the issues of Apple Mail to PST conversion. But they too lack in some important areas. Most of them do not convert data with accuracy. The data-processing algorithms are too weak to handle large database, complex data items, and often result in data fragmentation.

But today we have a solution for you that will end all kinds of issues you may have faced before or might if you go through conventional methods. The tool that we are going to be using for this job is called “Mail Extractor Pro” and is developed by USL Software. “Mail Extractor Pro” does everything differently. It is simply not an improvement over typical email file converters, but is a completely different approach for Apple Mail to PST migration.

So, what is the most important thing that it does differently?

To begin with, “Mail Extractor Pro” doesn’t require MBOX files, which is how all other tools work. They convert the data from MBOX to PST. This traditional conversion method requires multiple manual steps, making it harder and longer for the conversion to be finished successfully. It also doesn’t result in accurate data architecture. But “Mail Extractor Pro” has none of those issues.


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All you have to do is click on “Auto-Load” and the tool will automatically pick up the database from profile/identity directory. This makes a significant improvement in almost everything – speed, ease of use, and accuracy. Naturally, when you convert data from the source and not through archived files, you get precise data format like original in output PST files.

Another important area of “Mail Extractor Pro” that’s worth mentioning is its interface. Of course, one main reason the interface is so heavily simplified is that it loads data in one-click. Many of the manual steps are eliminated right there. But other than that, the developers made a creative use of space, making the graphical wizard easy to follow. It doesn’t require any efforts, any technical expertise, or previous experience of email migration. You can just start the conversion from the moment you launch the tool.

And if you are worrying about if it will convert all items without losing anything, you are worrying needlessly. The powerful algorithms that gave rise to “Auto-load” feature ensures that nothing is left behind. From your emails to contacts to calendar entries and virtually anything that’s inside Apple Mail database are converted without exceptions.

You do, however, have an option to manually exclude the folders you don’t want to export to Windows Outlook. When the tool loads the database, it shows you all the folders inside it. You can mark/un-mark the ones you wish to convert or exclude respectively. By default, everything will be ‘ticked’ for conversion; you can un-tick the boxes for the folders you will no longer be requiring in Windows Outlook.

Note to some users: the tool recommends ‘Auto-load’ feature as it offers much higher accuracy. But there’s also custom, traditional option to convert MBOX files for those who require it. If Apple Mail is not installed, or if you got MBOX files from some other location, you can choose to convert MBOX to PST. But the ‘Auto-load’ feature should always be preferred.

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