Terrific OLM to RGE Converter With Dynamic Range of Features Such as Batch Conversion and More!

Incredible OLM to RGE Converter with dynamic range of features such as Batch Conversion. Find out more here.

OLM to RGE Converter

RGE is a file format employed by Entourage, an older email client by Microsoft that was replaced by Outlook 2011 by Microsoft in 2010, October. The email client Entourage is still relevant today by any standard.

You are probably here because you want to transfer your data from Outlook 2011 to RGE based Entourage client for three reasons:-

  1. – You use both clients together, and wish to transfer certain folders into Entourage.
  2. – You use only Outlook 2011 but have to share certain folders with a Entourage user.
  3. – You use Outlook but now thinking of switching to Entourage only.

In all three cases, you might have to move your emails from Outlook 2011 to Entourage. And you might want to do it as quickly as possible with as little data loss as possible. This applies to both online data (stored in your email account servers) and offline data (stored locally within Outlook 2011 database folders).

Unfortunately, the data files of Outlook 2011 called OLM aren’t adaptable with Entourage. Otherwise, you could simply archive your online and offline data into OLM files and simply import them to Thunderbird.

So, that leaves other options for quick data export.

One method that you may see constantly come up online is by data syncing to online email servers and adding that same email account to Thunderbird for syncing the data back from servers to the client.

Obviously, this is a long process. It might take countless hours if your internet connection isn’t the fastest in the world.

Even if it is the fastest, there are countless other issues that render this approach impractical or totally impossible. For instance, if your offline database is too big to sync to servers, you may not find any email service that offers that kind of storage capacity. After all, you might have converted all your online emails to offline storage in the past for the same reason as to save your server storage space.

The second option is renaming the files with .OLM extension to .RGE extension. This is not only ineffective but achieves nothing. OLM files not only has .OLM as a suffix extension that can simply be renamed into .*RGE but actually has very complex data structures that store your emails in Outlook 2011 friendly way. OLM files renamed into RGE doesn’t get imported into Entourage at all.

Commercial OLM to RGE Converter

The third option is using a proper OLM to RGE converter, and that is your only option. Such a converter would not convert the files by simply changing their extension or even MX record modification. A decent converter actually generate new RGE files with accurate data-structures as suitable for Entourage, and then extract the data from OLM into those RGE files.

Some commercial OLM to RGE converters don’t really do the task well. Their extraction algorithms are weak and not adaptive to the different and complex databases of users. They fail as soon as a single complex file is involved, such as unrecognizable attachments, or graphical objects within emails, or even double-byte characters (such as Chinese and Korean).

It takes a lot of efforts to develop a usable and practical OLM to RGE converter with powerful algorithms that can work through all forms of data that’s thrown at it.

The good news is that you don’t have to start hunting for such a tool on a vast wide web.
We have done that for you.

It’s “OLM Extractor Pro” by USL Software that meets the exact requirement stated above, if not more. It is easy to use, have powerful algorithms to deal with all forms of data within your OLM files, employs the latest data-processing logic to capture contents with precision, and more.

olm to rge converter

Try This OLM to RGE Converter

Download Now: http://www.olmextractorpro.com/

If you want to try it first before paying for the full license, you can do so by using it in a free mode that converts only ten items from all folders within the OLM files. No other functionality is restricted in this trial mode so that it gives you a complete and genuine impression of its value.

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Download the setup, if you are looking for olm to rge converter.

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