Export OLM to Mac Mail – Here’s the Quickest Solution to a Difficult Challenge!

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Best Way to Export OLM to Mac Mail

Export OLM to Mac Mail means transferring emails, contacts, calendar items and everything else from Mac Outlook to Mac Mail using OLM files. But this objective isn’t achieved through direct means. OLM file in itself is not of any use in Mac Mail environment. Mac Mail will simply fail to detect any file with OLM extension.

Therefore, the solution is to first convert OLM to MBOX files.

There are few problems that make OLM to MBOX conversion very difficult, such as:

  • The data-table and structures are different for both files.
  • They have no similarity in the framework with which the client interacts with the files.
  • OLM is an proprietary file format, whereas MBOX is a native Mac Mail file but also has a generic tag and compatible with many other clients.
  • The data extraction to export OLM to Mac Mail MBOX requires hardcore algorithms developed carefully so as not to corrupt information when in transit.

And many other challenges like those above has turned the job of exporting OLM to Mac Mail into this devious little trial that usually ends with horrible results. The issue here goes even further than that. Most of the third-party utilities don’t convert data accurately and could even damage the integrity of your files. The items are usually partially converted or completely damaged.

Here are some of the problems most commonly seen with ordinary tools for exporting OLM to Mac Mail MBOX files:

  • No proficient algorithms to extract data cleanly
  • Too painfully slow and could take hours just to convert one single OLM file
  • No support for batch conversion of multiple OLM files
  • Have terrible interfaces, making it even more difficult than it already is
  • No tech support
  • No dedicated logic to deal with microdata elements, like metadata, SMTP headers, and so on.
  • No provision for smooth data-flow, resulting in glitches and frequent crashes
  • and many more.

Therefore, if you are a non-experienced user and looking for a tool to convert or export OLM into Mac Mail MBOX, you are not going to like what you will find. The internet is filled with many inferior applications that can absolutely hinder your chances of exporting data productively.

The best tool to Export OLM to Mac Mail

Therefore, we decided to do take responsible of that part of the equation. Through a rigorous search, reviews, tests and trials, we finally ended up with “OLM Extractor Pro,” by USL Software. And it’s a surprise that it surpassed every other file converter by miles. Everything that is usually considered a challenge in OLM to Mac Mail MBOX conversion is successfully dealt with USL Software in “OLM Extractor Pro.”

export olm to mac mail

It has a simple interface. It supports non-English text conversion. It has efficient fault analysis mode that doesn’t let the data corrupt. USL Software also gave a lot of efforts into designing its interface so as to give as easy a walkthrough as possible.

In fewer words, it has essentially everything that a tool should for this task. Exporting OLM to Mac Mail will never be painful, slow, or inefficient again.

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Download to export olm to Mac Mail

You can see how it works in action by trying out the free demo edition that USL Software has made public. Get the setup here. Double click on it, and install the app by following the instructions. You can start using it straightaway and it will work in free trial mode as long as you don’t activate it for full version. The trial version works for 10 items per folder but doesn’t lock any other feature.

Download Now at http://www.olmextractorpro.com.

convert olm to mac mail

Get “OLM Extractor Pro” today to convert or export OLM to Mac Mail.

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