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OST Conversion  – Challenges & Solution

Our computer saves our mail files in the ost version whenever connection to data server is lost. Though it is a smart way to save files in offline mode, the files are supposed to be converted into a safer format at the soonest. The files in ost format are not at all safe and become threatened and inaccessible in case of abrupt shutdown of system, attack of virus and malware, loss of root Exchange file. Converting OST files is not free of risks either, as it involves a number of steps which are tough to be learnt by someone who is not a professional. Using a freeware is a guaranteed way to corrupting one’s data too. The OST Extractor Pro by USL Software is a professional mail converter at the top of the game. Its best features are elaborated below.

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The all-rounder app for safeguarding your data

Having the OST Extractor Pro for ost to pst conversion or for conversion into any given mail file format is really a blessing. This tool is fully equipped and does not require any additional plug-in, and provides all the features clients have asked for yet. Its features are discussed below in detail:

Ability to convert files in all languages and formats:

The major USP of this tool is that it has a global appeal with its ability to convert files in any given non-English language. Even south Asian languages like Korean, Japanese, and Chinese, languages which use double-byte characters are accessible to this tool and files in those languages get converted without hassles. Format of various forms, from Outlook 2003 to 2019 and from Exchange version 5.0 to 2017, all are accessible by this app. Also, the size of the files, no matter how ginormous they have become over the years with the accumulation of files, doesn’t hinder the conversion process and it goes on smoothly without interruption.

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User-friendly GUI:

The interface of this ost recovery app is extremely user-friendly. Since it is an automated app, it goes on converting the files without needing the assistance of the client. The client does not need to guide the conversion in any way except choose the files and format for conversion.

Super-fast service:

The feature which lets clients convert multiple files at once is the bulk conversion technique. It converts files in batches, converting as many files as the client needs to at once. The best factor is that the quality of the task is not influenced by the number of files converted by the tool in a single batch. Evidently, this makes the process multiple times faster. Also, the process goes on smoothly without interruption.

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Apart from these features, this tool also handles various kinds of content, be it mails or Unicode content, thus guarding all kinds of content against data corruption. In addition to this, it has a free trial version with all the features of the complete version. It is coupled well with a supportive client support service available at all hours.

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