Import Mac Mail folders into Outlook 2016 – Dynamic Tool with Progressive Features!

import Mac Mail to Outlook 2016

Tired of finding a quick way to import Mac Mail folders into Outlook 2016? Here is one. You can download “Mail Extractor Pro” using the link given below. It will convert all your contents from Mac Mail to PST files that are supported by all Outlook versions (including the one for Mac). Bonus feature of the tool is that it does not even need MBOX or EMLX files.

import Mac Mail folders into Outlook 2016

Import Mac Mail folders into Outlook 2016

Below, we will take an in-depth look at how it works and how you can easily import your data without hassles.

Firstly, the tool picks up data to convert straight from the profile or identity folder. It is called ‘Mail’ folder and is located in your library folders. However, you never need to handle the files or folders manually. Choose the autoload feature and the tool does the rest. If you want to convert any backup database, then you have to manually specify the location of the database but that it is the limit of the manual efforts required here.

Here are the simple steps you need to take to convert either the chief database or a backup of Apple Mail:

How to import Mac Mail folders to Outlook 2016

  1. Launch Mail Extractor Pro.
  2. Click on ‘Load’ next to the Apple Mail option
  3. You will get two options: Auto Load and Open
    • Click on Autoload to load the main database
    • Open to load any backup database or Apple Mail export folder
  4. Optionally, you can also use the MBOX files (but that is not recommended for Apple Mail migration)
  5. Now, check the folders you want to convert
  6. Set the size limit for PST files (large files are split automatically)
  7. Click ‘Convert
  8. Wait for it be over and then click “Locate Output folder
  9. Move the converted PST files to your Windows PC and import them to Outlook
    • Launch Outlook
    • Go to ‘File’ → Open & Export → Import/Export → import from a program or file → Outlook Data File
    • Browse to the PST files location and select the files
    • Select the folder or office 365 mailbox account to import the files into
    • Choose what you want to do with the duplicate items
    • Click ‘Finish’


You have got all the folders from Mac Mail to Outlook 2016.

How to import Mac Mail folders to Outlook 2016

The tool ensures nothing is ignored during the conversion. It holds the special algorithms that do a detailed scan of the database and delivers an extensive conversion output free of any errors. You will get all the images, attachments, headers, nested emails, email addresses, Unicode text, text formatting, HTML emails, and everything else securely converted.

Try it to Import Mac Mail folders into Outlook 2016

Know that the PST files you get from “Mail Extractor Pro” are applicable in all Outlook versions, not just 2016. In fact, if you like the new Outlook 2019 from Microsoft and are thinking of switching to it, the tool can help you make the switch and migrate all your data effortlessly.

Want to see it in action?

Get a free trial to run the features yourself and check out the interface personally.

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Get it today to import emlx files into Outlookimport Mac Mail folders into Outlook 2016 or Outlook 2019 (Any Outlook version).

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